5 ways real time feedback drives a growth mindset

At Tandem we’ve been working with Trinity College Dublin to conduct some research into the impact of feedback. We have found that real time feedback is shown to develop a growth mindset in your people which in turn will drive improved performance.

Read on below for the 5 ways real time feedback is driving a growth mindset in organisations:     

  1. Without real time feedback people receive inaccurate information on their performance

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There is often a big gap between the observation and rating of behavior in organizations and the behavior itself. This comes about due to inconsistencies in timing, memory, subjectivity & understanding of behavior measures. You can’t learn from inaccurate, out of date feedback. People need real time feedback in order to improve themselves.

  1. Real time feedback allows employees take charge of their own growth

learnovate 2.pngWorkplaces are more competitive and expectations have changed. For employees to advance in the organization they are expected to learn and grow. What’s more, they are expected to take responsibility for this activity themselves. Real time feedback enables them to do this.

  1. Real time feedback makes constructive feedback easier to take

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Real time feedback makes it easier to digest and process constructive feedback as it’s specific and delivered in the moment where it’s most relevant, making the opportunity for growth much higher.

  1. Real time feedback comes from a variety of sources. Multi-source feedback has a much bigger effect on positive behaviors

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While your manager may have valuable feedback for you, they are by no means the only valid source. Everyone that you work with has valuable feedback to give, regardless of whether they are a manager, teammate or even in a different team. Multi-source feedback leads to an increased positive effect on practice, motivation & learning.

  1. Real time feedback drives persistence and resilience

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There is a strong link between real time feedback, persistence and critical thinking. By receiving consistent and timely feedback, which is often constructive in nature, people can develop self-efficacy and perseverance. As a result this will empower people to become accustomed to view setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow.

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Author: Neil