Mindset: the missing link between values & goals?

It is official, our mothers and HR were right.  Our behaviors build our mindset and our mindset shapes our behaviors.

For decades in HR we have been building the case for competencies, behaviors and values.  Now, more than ever, organizations and our leaders are calling for a workforce that is adaptable, open to learning, agile and resilient. 

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In 2018, there are probably very few business leaders who haven’t heard of the Growth Mindset and certainly fewer organizations who wouldn’t have seen behaviors such as Digital, Agile, Global, Adaptive, on the walls, noticeboards and employee portals within their office. It can’t be a coincidence that our organizations seek to build the same behaviors that embrace and underpin a Growth Mindset, while simultaneously our leaders seek company-wide #digitaltransformation.


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This does pose the question: is the missing link between our values and our goals to foster a Growth Mindset in our people?  Are behaviors our building blocks, Growth Mindset our potential and #digitaltransformation the outcome?

Now is the moment, for us as HR to bring ourselves back to the board table to reinforce it’s not only our behaviors but our mindset that matters. And, in parallel, bring our employees to the table not to assess how they are doing against their January goals but rather, to reinforce that business outcomes are a result of their mindset. 

Behavior builds Mindset. 

Mindset shapes Behavior.  

Mindset x Behaviors = Business Outcomes.

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