3 ways to keep great people in your organization


Struggling to keep the best people in your organization? Tandem outlines 3 ways to retain great people. Hint… it’s not all about rewards & recognition!


1. Create a culture that inspires people

Who doesn’t want to work in an environment where you feel inspired and valued! That’s why some of the worlds largest companies are shifting from traditional performance practices to managing potential. First place to start is through an organic feedback culture, where your people can receive feedback continuously, creating a working environment where everyone can inspire growth in their peers and managers. Growth oriented feedback provides an inspiring alternative to the pain points of performance management of the past.




2. Create clear pathways for people to grow and develop
People want to grow and develop in their job, but they can’t do it without knowing where they need to improve. The starting point to growth is through self- awareness. By seeing ourselves through the lens of others we can capture our personal brand in the organisation, and be more informed of our strengths and development areas. It is only when equipped with this level of self understanding that we will be energized to improve areas of weakness and capitalize on our strengths, so that more can be achieved.

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3. Develop great leaders to inspire people in their role.

Developing your managers into inspiring leaders is a vital tool in keeping the best people in your organisation. At the heart of inspiring leadership is trust. By measuring the trust of our managers and creating accountability for a strong feedback culture, you can move the dial on your Managers capability to coach.
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Author: Tandem

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